Finally in Malaysia !!!! Thailand’s Largest Japanese JOB FAIR

Finally in Malaysia !!!! Thailand’s Largest Japanese JOB FAIR

WakuWaku Job Fair

15th September 2019

Taylor University Lakeside Campus

WakuWaku Job Fair
Thailand’s largest career expo where gather Japanese Job Seeker is to be held in Malaysia
Thailand's largest career expo, being held 8 times in Thailand, and holding a large number of Japanese job seeker database. The exhibitors are mainly Japanese companies and companies that look for Japanese speakers and who are willing to work in Japanese companies. In addition, prospective students who graduated from famous universities come to the event to find job opportunities. WakuWaku Job Fair will be held for the first time in Malaysia.
Thailand’s largest career expo where gather Japanese Job Seeker is to be held in Malaysia
"WakuWaku" job search database able to access and contact candidates before and after the events
The job seeker database for Japanese speaker and people who interested in working with Japanese companies is operate by TalenTex, the host company of the WakuWaku Job Fair, is launched in Malaysia in August 2019. You will always be able to search for and contact job seekers.
“WakuWaku” allows you to search and contact Job seeker database before and after the events
About 500 job seekers who wish to work for Japanese companies attend the job fair in Thailand
At WakuWaku Job Fair held in Thailand, many Japanese language proficiency grade 1 and 2 holders came from Thailand top class universities such as Chulalongkorn University and Thammasat University. In addition, many prospective job seekers who have worked at Japanese companies also attended.
About 500 job seekers who wish to work for Japanese companies attend the job fair  in Thailand
Advantage of attending WakuWaku Job Fair
Advantage for Exhibitors
  • You can streamline hiring activities by meeting many Japanese speaker at once.
  • Opportunity to meet people who had worked for Japanese company with understanding the corporate culture of Japanese companies.
  • Opportunity to meet talented students who graduated from a famous university in Malaysia.
A Japanese Language event is to be held - Great talents who are interested in Japan will join the event!
The 4th "Japanese Business Presentation Contest" will be held at the same time

A Japanese language contest for Malaysian who currently work using Japanese (ability), or wish to work in Japanese companies present about their awareness, feelings,. etc while working.

We hope that it will lead to new encounters and connections between "Malaysians who are fluent in Japanese" and "Japanese" as well as "Japanese companies", for discovering talents. This event is sponsored by a language school "A to Z Language Center" in Malaysia.

On the day, it is expected that participants from the presentation contest, Japanese speaker’s friends and colleagues, as well as who interested in Japan will also attend.

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Exhibitor's voices
We can meet many candidates at once, that is the attraction of this event!
The quality of job seeker is more important as we are consulting company. Therefore, we are willing to our invest in recruitment and development. At WakuWaku's job fair, we were able to hire a very talented person. The attraction of the events is that you can meet a large number of people at once, streamline recruitment activities, and accumulate interview experiences. Even if you can not meet suitable candidate at the event, it is also a big advantage that you can follow on the web. We look forward to meeting more candidates in the future!
Japanese Consulting Firm (Thailand) Recruiter
It is convenient because it can be linked with the job applicant database on the web
I participated in a job fair and was able to hire over 10 Japanese Speaking candidate. After that, I also used WakuWaku's website when I needed special talent such as Japanese speaking web designers. WakuWaku can view the job seeker's database, and it is safe to check if there are any people you want in the trial version. We would like to expand it to people other than Japanese speaker, so we hope to continue developing services in the future!
Leading Japanese travel agency (Thailand) Recruiter
Close communication before hiring is the key to success in hiring
I was glad that the job seeker's database was diligent. The employees who actually joined the company are still active, and I realize that active communication was possible at the time of recruitment!
Advertising agency (Thailand) Recruiter
WakuWaku Job Fair Event Information
EventWakuWaku Job Fair
Date15th September 2019
VenueTaylor University Lakeview Campus
No. 1, Jalan Taylor's 47500, Subang Jaya,Selangor Darul Ehsan,Malaysia.
No. of companiesApprox. 40 - 50
Attendees300 – 400 paxs
Entrance feeFREE
Organizereeevo malaysia Sdn. Bhd
◆Concurrently event◆
Japanese Business Presentation Contest
◆Concurrently event◆
Japanese Business Presentation Contest
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